Slouch Vegan Roots Menu

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Perfect wee vegan plates to share amongst your gang

Out Ta Chick Pea x2 £6.95 or x4 £9.95
Chickpea, sweetcorn & spring onion fritter with a red pepper mayo

Don’t look Pak in Anger £6.95
Our homemade potato & spinach pakora with chimichurri

Red Hot Chilli Poppers £6.95
Baby peppers stuffed with vegan cheese & chilli with a sriracha lime mayo

Earth, Wing & Fire x5 £6.95 / x10 £9.95
Cauliflower wings, coriander hummus, pickled red onion & beetroot crisp

Curry On My Wayward Son £9.95
Our tofu Katsu curry served on beetroot rice topped with our homemade Katsu sauce and fresh herbs

Dahl Follow the Sun £9.75
Slouch’s lentil dahl served with fresh herbs, homemade flatbread, a lick of mint yogurt & a side of saffron rice

What Became of the Lasagne Lads £9.75
Lasagne of sweet potato and spinach topped with vegan cheese and a rich tomato ragu

Fight for Your Right (to Pattie) £9.95
Our vegan burger – Spinach & mixed spiced beans pattie, served with fresh herb mayo and skinny fries

Ve-gan Be Heroes £9.95
Crisp filo pastry covered in marinated vegetables, topped with vegan cheese and tomato ragu

House Salad £4.20

Jasmine Rice £4.00

Skinny Fries £4.20

Pickled Vegetables £4

Vegan Mayo £1