We take our food as seriously as we take our beer – that’s pretty serious! We use locally sourced ingredients and have culinary fun for everyone! Carnivores can chow down on any of our burgers or wings and we also have numerous dishes suitable for vegetarians & vegans alike such as our and we even have a selection of vegan friendly meals…We are constantly seasonally updating our menu so… Why not have a look at our menu below now to see what we have on offer!


Slouch Menu

We also have a number of drinks areas which are often used for birthday parties, leaving nights etc etc. Call us on 0141 221 5518 or email to enquire about an area or book a table.

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Please note: The booking widget is only applicable for food bookings of up to 6 people in the restaurant. For drinks bookings or larger party booking enquiries please contact us directly.

Email: or call: 0141 221 5518


We have an incredibly vast range of spirits & beers. Our Tennents Lager is Big Juicy Appreciation Society certified. We have so much gin that you are bound to grin, more rum than even Jack Sparrow could tend to, a number of bourbons that would make Colonel Sanders blush and we have a sweet range of craft and draught lagers, IPAs, ciders and Weissbiers. There is also more whisky than you could toss a caber at, from right here in Scotland and beyond!

Our core range of house pour spirits are only £3.50 with mixer, seven days a week. These are Havana Especial Rum, Portobello Road Gin, Jack Daniels Sour Mash Whisky and Smirnoff Vodka.

We have a range of fantastic, hand crafted cocktails available from opening ’til closing every day – all of which are named after famous songs. Can you guess who performed the song associated with the cocktail? The Dr Feelgood is a fruity twist on a Long Island Iced Tea and our Black Magic Woman is the best take on an Espresso Martini you are likely to encounter in this neck of the woods.


Drinks List

Spirits List

If you would like book an area, or even just reserve your favourite booth, drop us a line on 0141 221 5518 or email

About Us

Slouch exploded onto Glasgow’s nightlife scene almost 12 years ago and we strongly believe we introduced the first venue that paved the way for all that came after us. The complete all-purpose late-night music destination. We take all the things that make your traditional dive bar cool but with an added (and at times unheard of) twist of quality service and delicious home cooked food. Open til 3am, 7 days a week.

We enjoy regulars from all wakes of life, especially locals who know we have and always will provide them with an unparalleled experience whether they are eating with family, drinking with friends or dancing solo to newest up and coming band blasting through our speakers. We are a popular destination with not only the locals but the many thousands of tourists to the city each year oft times they can be heard remarking “This Must Be The Place…” Why? We believe we offer an unparalleled customer service to locals and visitors in our fine city that can rival anywhere in the world, which still sets us miles apart from the pretenders to our thrown here in Glasgow.

We offer an extensive menu to our customers ‘til 2am daily. We are very proud to have pioneered the idea you can enjoy freshly served food no matter the time of day, whilst enjoying the quality soundtrack of the best music around. Our ethos is a good soundtrack makes for unforgettable memories and stories that you will never forget, we hope we can champion this for at least 10 more years.

Music-wise you will not be disappointed – there is something for everyone! Rockers, punks, indie geezers, emo kids and all the rest are definitely going to hear something that is up their street during their stay – and it’s all seamlessly blended together so as to avoid harsh clashes of musical genres! We are open to song requests as long as they are befitting to the atmosphere. We also bring you some of the coolest local DJs spinning an eclectic blend of up and coming acts, homebrewed mixes and classic rock n roll. Including local favourites McDoo & keezylikeasundaymorning

We are a dog friendly pub and we actively and enthusiastically urge you to bring your doggies! We love the dogs so much we will shower them with treats as soon as they arrive.

We are not just tooting our own trumpet – we have the gold to back up our claims that are bold… Some of our most recent award victories include…

-Best Bar None Gold Award Winners (2011-2021)

-SLTN Best Late Night Operator 2015

-SLTN Best Late Night Operator 2013

So there you have it – Slouch is not just another cliché rock bar – we have something for all walks of life and you are just bound to love it here.

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Slouch Bar
203 – 205 Bath Street, Glasgow

Tel: 0141 221 5518 Email

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We have several areas available to reserve for parties up to 30 people. Just drop us an email at and we will do our best to accommodate you.